Your guide to teeth whitening

This whole section is a guide to teeth whitening. Here you will find information about the different methods for teeth whitening and dental bleaching, their possibilities and limitations.

However, by being well informed before a dental bleaching, you will make the right decision and therefore, you get the results you expect.

All you need to know about dental bleaching:

  • The different methods for whitening your teeth and how they work
  • How the various treatments for tooth whitening is performed and what results you can expect
  • Information about risks and side effects of teeth whitening
  • Information about prices, as well as a clinic directory where you can find clinics
  • Forums where you can discuss teeth whitening and the opportunity to ask an expert

About the content in this section for teeth whitening

This page provides simple, objective and independent information about the various treatments for teeth whitening. This will help you to make the right decision.

The content find in this section is examined by Elisabeth Bjorkman, a licensed dentist and specialist in aesthetic dentistry.

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