Teeth whitening methods and options

Teeth whitening is a procedure where bleach is used to make them whiter. However, the different teeth whitening methods can be divided into home products and professional treatments.

Home teeth whitening is the easiest optionHome teeth whitening is the easiest option, but also the least effective treatment option. Therefore, at home teeth whitening cannot be compared with professional treatment.

Professional teeth whitening is performed at a clinic as in-chair bleaching or as a professional take home whitening. After a proper examination, the clinic will provide the patient with a professional bleaching agent and whitening tray for home use.

What results can I expect from my teeth whitening treatment?

The result of a tooth whitening is affected by the type of discolouration, how long they have existed, the main colour of inside the tooth, how strong the bleaching agent that is applied is and how long it is applied for. However, the strength of the whitener and exposure time increases the risk of burns on the gums and tooth sensitivity.

What results can I expect from my teeth whitening treatment?The total treatment time is difficult to predict and so is the final results. Because of the great individual variation in teeth whitening, it is important to be aware of this before starting any sort of teeth whitening method.

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