Treatment options for hair loss

For those who suffer from hair loss, there are several different treatment options available. They can basically be divided into four different main directions for treating hair loss. Choosing a treatment that is right for you depend on the cause of your hair loss, economic situation, anatomical condition and your own personal desires.

Treatments for thinning hairThe underlying condition is primarily treated, if hair loss is caused by a certain disease, eating disorder, malnutrition, physical/mental stress, or any other medical condition.

However, if hair loss is not caused by any of the above symptoms or the treatment result is not satisfactory, there are other alternatives you can consider.

You can basically choose between the following hair loss treatment options:

  • Hide hair loss with the help of special hair products or hair replacement
  • To help counteract hair loss with certain medications
  • Counteract or partially restore hair by laser treatment of the scalp
  • To compensate and restore hair loss with hair transplantation surgery

In the following articles we describe the different hair loss treatment options in greater details.

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