Private or NHS funding for varicose veins treatment?

You will not receive treament for varicose veins on the NHS funding for cosmetic reasons. You will have to pay for varicose veins private treatment. However, if your varicose veins causes physical symptoms or other medical conditions, you will be offered a procedure to remove the affected veins.

Private treatment or funded by NHS?It might be helpful to know general information about who is entitled for a varicose vein treatment funded by the NHS. Usually it involves patients with swollen legs, eczema, leg ulcers, inflammation in venous disease and bleeding varicose veins who has the right to medical treatment.

When treating varicose veins privately, it is important to be well-informed.

If your condition doesn’t meet the criteria for funding by the NHS or if you perform treatment for cosmetic reasons, it will be done privately. Then you will be able to take part of the decisions made since you are funding the treatment yourself.

It is important to be prepared and well informed before performing private treatments. Consider following:

  • To decide which treatment is most effective, and how exactly this treatment should be performed to obtain the best results, an ultrasound scanning should be performed to investigate the blood vessels.
  • As a patient at a private clinic, it is good to ensure that clinics perform ultrasound scanning before going there. A consultation including ultrasound diagnosis cost approximately 150.
  • Assure yourself that the doctor who will perform your procedure is a vascular surgeon or at least a medical specialist for varicose vein treatment. Ask your doctor about his/her background, how many treatments he/she has performed and for how long.

When you perform varicose vein treatment privately, it may be good to choose a clinic that offers many of the methods that are described in this section about varicose veins treatments. This way you can ensure that your treatment is performed with the right technique and is suitable for your condition.

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