Radiofrequency ablation and laser treatment of varicose veins

A radio frequency treatment, or laser treatment of varicose veins involves heating the vein which will seal off the affected vessels from the inside with the help of radio frequency or laser light. The heat seals the vein walls and the pressure in the veins will disappear.

Laser and radiofrequency surgery Laser and radiofrequency surgery is used for varicose vein between classification C2-C according to the CEA scale.

This type of vein closure with radiofrequency or varicose veins laser treatment is also called thermal vein ablation and belongs to the latest technology for treatment of variocse veins. It is used primarily for trunk veins and other relatively straight superficial veins.

How radiofrequency and varicose veins laser treatment is performed

The first thing to do during a varicose veins radiofrequency ablation and laser treatment is to locate the vein. This is done by the help of ultrasound to visualize the enlarged vein.

The enlarged vein is located before varicose veins laser treatment When the enlarged vein is located, a thin needle is inserted into the blood vessel. Through the needle a laser fiber or radiofrequency catheter is inserted into and further up in the blood vessel. With the help of the heat from the tip of the instrument, the vein is sealed away from the inside – if necessary all the way from the groin down to the leg.

Varicose veins radiofrequency ablation and laser treatment is often combined with the phlebectomy procedure simultaneously in order to seal the larger vessel’s smaller side branches.

Has many advantages compared to other techniques

Radiofrequency and laser treatment of varicose veins can in many cases replace the traditional surgical method called ”stripping” for removal of large veins . In terms of risk reduction, simpler procedure and shorter sick leave period. Patients may return back to normal acitivites 1-2 days insead of one week.

The operation is normally carried out under local anesthetic and the patient can usually go home about half an hour after the procedure.

The disadvantages with endovenous varicose veins ablation  is that it relatively costly. The price for a treatment is approximately from £1998 for one leg and from £2998 for treating both legs. This treatment is not suitable for treatment of all tortuous veins.

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