Your guide to hair replacement and wigs

People with extensive hair loss that has lead to baldness at the crown of the head or hair loss affecting the entire head can with the help of hair replacements or wigs achieve a natural looking hair style. Hair replacements have achieved great advances and nowadays it is very difficult to tell the difference between real and fake hair.

Hair replacement – not the same as the traditional toupee

Hair replacement – not the same as the traditional toupeeWhen talking about hair replacement, toupees come across one ‘s mind. However, the only remaining similarity between these methods is that people who experience hair loss of the crown with hair remaining on the sides and neck use them.

Today’s hair replacements also known as hairpiece are made of materials that matches the hair colour and structure, as well as the scalp shape and therefore becomes a an integral part of the appearance.

The new attachment techniques for hair replacement with the use of biological glue make hair replacement ”permanent”, which means it can be worn around the clock for a limited time. Hair replacements are removed and professionally adjusted at the hairdressers approximately every four weeks. This allows you to swim, sauna, shower, participate in sporting activities and won’t reveal that the hair is not genuine.

Even non-permanent attaching techniques such as tape or staples are used.

The cost of a hair replacement is approximately £350 – £1300. However, there will be on-going maintenance and costs.

Natural looking wigs

Natural looking wigsNatural looking wig is mainly used by people that due to a certain disease or other causes suffer from complete or almost total loss of hair.

Due to technology developments in the wig industry, people who do not suffer from hair loss, but are attracted by the possibility of change and improvement uses wigs.

Wigs are made of real or artificial hair and can be tailored, made to measure or selected from a standard collection. The variations in colour and hairstyle are almost endless. The price for a decent wig is approximately £175 – £900, depending on wig wearer’s desire.

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