The time after a breast enlargement

Pain and tiredness

Once the surgical anaesthesia subsides and for 2-4 days following surgery the pain can be very apparent (you will most often receive painkilling medication from the clinic). Thereafter you will feel mostly tired and sore for a few days.

You may experience a burning sensation in your breasts, for approximately two weeks, which disappears as the swelling decreases.

As soon as possible but no more than 2 days you will be up and moving.

Dressing and support bra

After a few days the dressing is removed and replaced with a sports bra which you are to wear 24/7 for up to a month. This is very important since your implants need to heal into place.

After 7-14 days the sutures are removed. If absorbable sutures where used they will disappear on their own.

Breast enlargement surgery (breast augmentation)

Caring for the scars

Your scars will be pink and feel stiff for at least six weeks. The size of the scars can remain the same or in some cases intensify for several months after your breast enlargement. Thereafter they will begin to fade and become less visible. They will however not completely disappear.

In order for the scars to heal as good as possible the patient is recommended not to submit them to UV radiation for at least six months and to tape them with wide surgical tape to hinder tension related stretching of the scars.

You can learn more about what you should know about scars and how to care for yours after breast enlargement at the information page about surgical scars » (coming soon).


You will receive detailed information from your surgeon about what restrictions you have shortly after your breast enlargement. These instructions are for your safety and for your results to be as good as possible.

Directly after surgery you will be able to see the result of your surgery. However, changes occur for several months until after 6 months when it is time for a follow up and examination of the final result.

Returning to work and normal activity

Generally it is possible to return to work after a few days. Although this depends on how much physical activity your work demands. Make sure to follow the guide lines your surgeon has given you.

You will most likely be sensitive around the breast area for two to three weeks. Once this has subsided, within three to four weeks, physical contact is not an issue.

You can return to more strenuous activity and exercise after 4-6 weeks.

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