Hair transplant aftercare and recovery

The hair transplant aftercare is almost the same regardless if STRIP or FUE method is used.


The time following a hair transplant If the procedure involves a more extensive hair transplant to the front part of the crown, you will almost certainly be affected by puffiness in the face. This is harmless and the swelling subsists within a week.


The hair can be washed with shampoo within a few days, if you avoid touching (rubbing) the transplanted area and the wounded area at the back of the neck.

Complementary treatment may be needed

In some cases, hair transplantation can be complemented by medication or laser treatments in order to achieve the best possible conditions for hair growth of the transplanted hair. However, it is important to be know that a hair transplant does not “cure” male hair loss.

Return back to work and physical activities

When under going the STRIP method, patient must refrain from physical demands and exercise for approximately three weeks, while the incision in the neck where the donor strip was taken heals.

After a less extensive hair transplant , you can return to work within a week. You carry no dressing and if the STRIP method was used, the stiches at back of the neck are hidden by the hair.

If you have a physically demanding job , you can expect at least one, but most likely two weeks of sick leave for a strip surgery. However, if the FUE method is used, you rarely need more than one week off.

When do you begin to see results after hair transplant?

When do you begin to see results after hair transplant?After the procedure the transplanted hair enters a resting phase and the hairs that grow from the transplanted follicles may fall out. This hair loss is completely natural and occurs normally within the first two months.

After approximately two months the transplanted hair follicles begin its growth phase in its new location and re-growth of hair becomes visible.

After 6-8 months, the hair normally grown so that you can see the final result , which for most people is a very positive experience. An experience that normally last a lifetime because the transplanted hair never stops growing.

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