Penile enlargement recovery and aftercare

A penile enlargement is, from a surgical viewpoint, a relatively uncomplicated operation whether it is a penis lengthening or penile thickening and the after cycle from the patients perspective is also relatively un-dramatic.

  • Directly after surgery the area is covered with a protective bandage. You will experience some pain during the first days which can be subdued with pain-killing medication.
  • The sutures are removed after approx. 10 days.
  • Some temporary after bleeding can occur. If the bleeding does not stop after 30 minutes then you should contact your clinic.
  • In order to minimise the risk of infection you are given antibiotics for five days.
  • You can and should shower daily beginning the day after your surgery.
  • Swelling and bruising is relatively common. These remain for up to three weeks. In order to minimise this, the patient should be bedridden as much as possible throughout the first week.

Most patients are back at work after approx. one week. Sexual activities can be resumed after 4-6 weeks as well as any other physically strenuous activities.

Pulling treatment following a penis lengthening surgery

After a cosmetic penis lengthening surgery the patient often receives instructions about beginning a pulling treatment. The aim is to hinder the part of the penis that has been extended from receding back to its original position in the body and also to prevent the formation of connective tissue.

The pulling treatment is performed either by a series of manual massage exercises or assisted by a special machine. The treatment is ongoing for 3-6 months. A lengthier treatment may lengthen the penis even further.

The final result of a penis lengthening surgery is first noticeable after 6-12 months.

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