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Cellulite also known as orange peels are uneven bumps on the skin’s surface. Cellulite are not dangerous but is perceived in many cases as something cosmetically disturbing. The interest in treating cellulite is therefore big.

Cellulite are formed due to fat cells under the skin while connective tissues pull the skin surface. Therefore, skin retraction occurs. Cellulite becomes because of this, especially noticeable by weight gain.

However, cellulite is largely to do with the volume of subcutaneous fat, all successful treatments have to start there. Diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle is the first step to get rid of cellulite.

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways for cellulite to occur subcutaneous fat and tight connective tissue. Any treatment of cellulite must therefore focus on these two factors.

The treatment must either reduce the volume of fat tissue and/or increase the elasticity of the connective tissue. However, there is no treatment that can completely remove cellulite since the conditions always remain under the skin.

There are cellulite treatments that have effect on cellulite

There are also treatments that can increase the elasticity of the connective tissue. But there are several treatments that can reduce the volume of fat tissue and the pressure on the skin surface. There are also treatments that can increase the elasticity of the connective tissue.

You can with the treatments below reduce the chances of getting skin retraction or as we call it cellulite. Among the treatments that work in this way include:

  • LGP Endermologie® - drain and increases the elasticity of the tissue
  • VelaShape/Smooth® – stimulates combustion and increases circulation
  • AWT® – breaks down fat cells and increases blood flow
  • Carboxy therapy - reduces the number of fat cells and stimulates circulation
  • Subcision – surgical severing of the connective tissue bands that pulls down the skin
  • Fat reducing treatment – reduces fat layer thickness
  • Surgical Liposuction – removal of fat cells in the tissue

There are also cellulite treatments with very limited effect on cellulite

In addition to the above treatments, there are other treatments that claim to remove cellulite. These include various creams and pills. In some cases, it has been shown effects on adipose tissue in laboratory tests but in practice they are not as effective.

Body wraps means wrapping in warm bandages or blankets, sometimes combined with mud. The heat may get the tissue to lose fluid but provides a temporary effect.

Regular massage can, depending on how it is carried out, have an effect on the fluid balance in the tissue. In some cases continuous massage can temporarily restrict cellulite visibility.

What treatment should I choose to get rid of my cellulite?

If you are being bothered by your cellulite and want to get rid of the, you should first have a look at your lifestyle. Thereafter, familiarize yourself with the various treatment options, their possibilities and limitations. Based on your knowledge, assumptions, budget and treatment goal, it will be easier for you to make the right decision.

People who are overweight in the same area as cellulite are located, should consider treatments that reduce fat. Skinny people should instead focus on treatments that improve elasticity and stimulate connective tissue.

Many exciting treatment options but no guarantees

The technology for cellulite treatments are developing very fast. Some methods have scientific evidence, some are based on empirical experience and some based on new exciting new theories that time will show the effect of.

All practitioners and producers of technology for cellulite are convinced about the effect of their particular treatment. However, no one can say with certainty what treatment will work best. In such situation consumers should be consider following:

  • Choose a technique that has been on the market for some time and has had time to be tested in practice
  • Go to a clinic with good resources and proven expertise and experience in treatment for cellulite

There are many interesting techniques and opportunities for cellulite treatment, but unfortunately it is a large variation in the degree of documentation among the different methods. – Dermatologist Tore Nilsen from Vaxsjo Medical Centre

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