Body Jet – WAL (Water-jet Assisted Liposuction)

Body Jet, also known as WAL (Water-jet Assisted Liposuction) is a new method for removing stubborn fat deposits from the body.

The Body Jet/WAL technique differs from other liposuction methods where either physical strength or heating is used to dislodge the fat cells, instead water pressure is used.

The Body Jet/WAL water pressure loosens the fat cells

With liposuction using Body-Jet/WAL one allows a pressurised jet stream to hit the fat cells before suction. By doing so the water pressure dissolves the fat cells so that they easily come out through the suction.

The water pressure technique implies that the tissue can be treated carefully and in turn means great advantages regarding less bleeding, less ‘downtime’ following the procedure and also less discomfort.

Fat cells are in good condition after the Body-Jet and can be moved

Because of the careful handling of the fatty tissue a large part of the removed fat cells are in good condition when they are extracted. This means that they can be reused in other parts of the body where they are put to better use. For instance, fat cells that have been extracted using the Body-Jet can be injected into the face, breasts or other parts of the body where one wishes to increase volume and fullness.

To move fat from one part of the body to another is nothing new within cosmetic surgery. However, previously the problem has been getting the fat cells to survive in the new location and by doing so achieve a permanent change. By harvesting transplantable fat cells using the Body-Jet/WAL has proved to be very effective since fat cells in good condition survive to a greater degree than those that have been extracted using less careful techniques.

Body-Jet/WAL is therefore a very interesting method for removing fat, especially for those who also wish to increase fullness in other parts of the body in a natural way.

We are monitoring the development and will return with more information about Body-Jet/WAL soon!

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