Conclusions about your breast enlargement options

Now that you have read through the articles about the options available to breast enlargement surgery, you are certainly aware that a breast enlargement is a highly individual plastic surgery which to a high degree is influenced by each patient’s unique anatomical prerequisites and personal desires. However, it is possible to provide some general indications based on surgeons opinions and facts regarding the sale of breast implants.

Small breasts – anatomical implants

Generally, for a patient with little or no existing breast tissue an anatomical cohesive silicone implant placed partially behind the pectoral muscle through an inframammary incision is a well serving method.

Round breast implants suitable for most people

For a patient with some existing breast tissue a round cohesive silicone implant with a smooth or textured surface placed either under or in front of the pectoral muscle with an inframammary incision, generally works well. Round, smooth surfaced implants are also cheaper.

Placement vs. Basic condition

Placing a breast implant behind the muscle decreases the risk of rippling after your breast enlargement. Although if an amount of excess skin exists this can be filled better with placement in front of the muscle. If large breast implants are used this can begin to sag soon if placed in front of the muscle.

One quickly adjusts to the new size

One quickly adjusts to ones implants and after surgery many patients feel they should have chosen a slightly larger size. Keep that in mind if choosing between one slightly bigger and one slightly smaller implant. One also should consider the increased risk of complications associated with really large implants (+ 700 cc/ml).

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