Profile of breast implants – low, medium or high?

A breast implants profile can easily be described as a measurement of to what degree the implant protrudes from the body in proportion to the base diameter.

There are three different profile alternatives; high, medium (moderate) or low. The most common implant is with a medium profile. The different profiles have been developed in order to comply with patient’s different body types and desires about breast implant size.

A high profile makes larger augmentations possible

a) diameter + b) profile = volume

Previously the breast implants bottom diameter was set in proportion to its projection. This meant that some patients could not achieve a natural result in the size that they desired.

By using the different profiles it is now possible to use larger implants in breast enlargements without risking that the breast implants edges rest outside the area that is covered by one’s own breast tissue. Thus by using a high profile implant it is possible to add more size to the breast (to the front) without increasing the bottom diameter.

Breast implants for all body shapes and desires

Primarily a high profile implant makes it possible for women with a slim body frame choose a larger implant for their breast augmentation. Using low profile implants women with a slightly heavier body frame can find breast implants that cover the natural diameter of their breasts without adding too much front projection.

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