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A breast reduction is a plastic surgery procedure which is used to reduce the size and over-hang of the breasts. Breast reductions surgery are generally motivated by medical causes but also often result in significant aesthetical improvements.

This page will provide those considering a breast reduction with important information about the surgery possibilities and limitations. The content about breast reduction is structured as a series of articles that provide you with a good knowledge-base for your decision.

The following information about breast reduction has been reviewed by Dr. Peter Zahrisson, plastic surgery specialist at Art Clinic. The content is meant to give you general guidance but should not replace a medical consultation with a surgeon.

What you will find about breast reductions:

  • Information about whether you are a suitable candidate for a breast reduction and what results you can expect.
  • Detailed description about how a breast reduction surgery is performed and the after cycle following surgery
  • Before & after photos of breast reductions and the possibility to ask questions to an expert
  • Description about the risks as well as cost for breast reduction
  • Discussion forum and a directory of the clinics that perform breast reductions
  • Information about the possibilities to have a breast reduction paid for by the council

How a breast reduction improves health and appearance

While some women wish they had larger breasts there are others that wish for the opposite. A very large breast can cause a lower self-esteem as well as medical issues.

The immense strain that large, heavy breasts cause the body can lead to back and neck pain, skin irritation, yeast infections in the mammary crease, skeletal deformation and breathing problems. The bra bands can also cause pain and leave unsightly marks since they dig deep into the skin on the shoulders.

Very large breasts can also negatively affect self-confidence– with women in general, but especially in teenage girls.

Smaller and prettier breast

A breast reduction removes fat, mammary gland tissue and skin to make the breasts smaller, lighter, firmer and often more aesthetically pleasing. In conjunction with a breast reduction the areola is generally reduced and moved higher up the breast together with the nipple.

A breast reduction also allows for correction of asymmetry between the breasts. The overall aim is to provide the patients with a smaller and shapelier breast which fits better with the proportions of her body.

About state financed breast reduction surgery

Due to the medical significance of the procedure, breast reductions are performed both in public and private settings. This implies that a patient who is assessed as having severe problems both physically and psychologically due to her large breasts can receive breast reduction surgery financed by the NHS.

In order to be entitled NHS financing the patient must fill certain criteria. Generally you will need a referral from your GP, a consultation with a plastic surgeon and perhaps also a psychiatrist’s assessment, most often the decision is then made by a panel from your primary care trust (PCT) which will take into consideration all aspects. The patient will also need to be in good physical shape, i.e. not suffering from obesity.

Are you are suitable candidate for breast reduction?

The best candidate for breast reduction surgery is a woman of normal weight, good physical and psychological health and who has realistic expectations of the results.

A breast reduction is in the first place often performed to provide physical relief and not to create cosmetic improvements, even if this is a positive ”side-effect” of the procedure. Most women who undergo a breast reduction are troubled by large sagging breasts, which limit them in certain activities and signify an overall physical inconvenience.

The growth of excess breast tissue normally begins in the beginning of puberty but can also in unusual cases begin in connection to pregnancy. Thus, breast reductions are rarely performed before the breasts are fully developed. In exceptional cases the procedure can be performed at an early stage if the breasts already cause too much of a physical inconvenience.

The most suitable candidates for a breast reduction are those that are mature enough to fully understand the procedures significance and that have realistic expectations of the surgeries result.

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