Choosing your clinic and cosmetic surgeon

The most important decision for anyone who has decided to undergo a plastic surgery procedure is the choice of clinic and which plastic surgeon is to perform the surgery. This is a decision that you as a patient at a private plastic surgery clinic must make yourself and take responsibility for.

Take nothing for granted

Brits like to assume that all health care has the same quality and follows the same standards wherever one goes. This assumption is not valid within aesthetic plastic surgery.

In order to facilitate your decision we have put together this information in order to guide you in your choice of clinic and cosmetic surgeon.

A little advice before you decide

To undergo plastic surgery is a big and important decision. Consider the following:

  • Your appearance will change permanently and there is always a risk of complications or a result that does not live up to your expectations.
  • Undergo the procedure for yourself and to alter something that you, after a lengthy deliberation, have decided you wish to change.
  • Do not expect perfection but rather improvement and do not presuppose that your surroundings will treat your differently because of your procedure.
  • Consider that the most common cause of dissatisfaction with plastic surgery is due to the surgeon and patient not having fully understood each other prior to the surgery.
  • Be aware that different specialists can have differing suggestions for treatment. This is because they like to choose the method that they are familiar with and have experience of. However, within plastic surgery there are several roads that lead to successful results.
  • Do not let money be an important factor when choosing your surgeon. You are far too important for that.

Once you have decided

Once you have, after careful research and deliberation, decided to go forth with your plans and undergo a procedure the first step (decision making) is done.

The next step is to book your consultation with a plastic surgeon at a clinic. This section about choosing a plastic surgeon will help you choose the right clinic for your procedure.

The information is divided into a series of articles where you will learn to choose a suitable surgeon and by doing so create the best conditions for a successful procedure. You can also go directly to an individual article via the categories to the right.

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