All about cosmetic plastic surgery abroad

More Brits choose to seek different types of healthcare outside the UK. Cosmetic Surgery and dental care are among the most common procedures performed abroad today.

More and more Brits are choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery abroad

For those considering cosmetic plastic surgery abroad it is very important to be well informed about the procedure beforehand. One needs to know enough about the procedure in order to determine which technique the surgeon aims to use and what competence he/she has.

This guide to plastic surgery abroad is meant to provide you will the knowledge you need if you are considering cosmetic surgery abroad. The content is divided into a series of articles which will provide you good information to base your decision on.

Here you can find all you need to know about cosmetic surgery abroad:

  • Information about why more and more people choose to do plastic surgery abroad
  • What you need to consider before deciding on undergoing cosmetic surgery abroad
  • What the arrangement is for plastic surgery abroad and what alternatives exist
  • How you assure that you end up at the right clinic and surgeon for your cosmetic surgery abroad
  • Information about risks and prices for plastic surgery abroad
  • Information about the most popular destinations for cosmetic surgery abroad

All about cosmetic plastic surgery abroad

Why undergo cosmetic surgery abroad?

British cosmetic surgery is of a very high international standard and to undergo surgery in the UK implies a high level of security. It is easy to check if your surgeon is board-certified in his/her specialty. This facilitates follow-ups and any necessary aftercare due to complications.

So why do so many Brits choose to undergo cosmetic surgery abroad?

1. Affordable cosmetic surgery abroad attracts

The main reason for undergoing plastic surgery abroad is the cost. Healthcare costs in all countries are represented by the local costs of staff, facilities, servicse and the general price level of the country.

Lower “production costs” means many places are able to perform plastic surgery for a lower price than in an expensive country such as the UK, without needing to forego quality. Generally it is approximately 30 – 50% cheaper.

2. Discretion and the possibility of going on holiday

Another important reason people choose to perform their cosmetic surgery abroad is the discretion it involves by being able to go on “holiday” to perform the procedure. One returns once the body has healed to a degree that one is once again “socially available”. By doing so one can undergo plastic surgery without one’s surroundings noticing, other than the final result which some choose to explain with reasons other than plastic surgery.

Many individuals also take the chance to combine the procedure with a holiday, giving them time to recuperate in another country with a more pleasant climate.

3. Competence and service for cosmetic surgery abroad

In addition to the main reasons for the increase of cosmetic surgery abroad, there are also more specific reasons. One of these is that the patient wants the procedure to be performed by a particular surgeon because of this individual’s competence and experience.

Another reason is because after a plastic surgery procedure at a foreign clinic one normally stays at the clinic for a day or so extra, which often provides increased security for the patient. In comparison with British clinics where one is often discharged on the same day or the day after cosmetic surgery.

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