Cost of facelift surgery

The cost of facelift surgery varies depending on the choice of methods and the individual patient’s needs and desires. The cost for a traditional face lift can be estimated to somewhere between £ 4000-9000.

How much does a face lift cost?The cost may be higher for a full face lift that also includes procedures such as browlift and eyelid surgery.

For a mini lift (mini facelift) such as an endoscopic facelift or a middle facelift the price is approximately £ 2500. Some clinics also perform face lifts focusing on the faces lower third for a similar cost.

Financing your facelift

If you do not wish to pay your facelift in cash there are several companies which provide loans and financing for plastic surgery. Such a loan can for many people facilitate the fulfilment of a dream. When loaning money it is always important to be well informed about the terms and conditions of the loan/financing.

Further information about loans/financing of your facelift can be found at the information page about financing plastic surgery » .

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