Penile enlargement cost and financing

The cost of penile enlargement surgery depends on several factors, a major one is the competence of the plastic surgeon that is performing the procedure. The prices for penis enlargement that we provide below are only to be used as a rough guide, just to give you an idea of the cost.

The average cost of penis enhancement surgery is £4,000 to £7,000.

The cost of a penis lengthening is roughly £3,500 – £5.000.

A penis thickening costs between £1,000 – £2,500. To perform both a penile lengthening and penile widening during the same surgery the cost for both is approx. £5.000.

A penile thickening with Macrolane injections is approx. £2,000 and the result lasts for up to one year.

Financing your penis enlargement

For those who are not able or willing to finance their penis enlargement themselves there are several alternatives for loaning and financing cosmetic surgery. For instance there are many companies that specialise in financing healthcare, beauty treatments and plastic surgery.

Before loaning money for plastic surgery make sure you are well advised of the terms and conditions for the loan.

Read more about how to finance your penile enlargement visit the … information page about plastic surgery loans ».

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