Your guide to dental implants

This site is an independent guide to dental implants. It provides knowledge and guidance to the possibilities of modern tooth replacement with implants.

All you need to know about dental implants:

  • What dental implants are and how they work
  • How the treatment is performed, and what results you can expect from dental implants
  • Information about risks and potential discomfort associated with teeth replacement
  • A clinic directory where you can find clinics performing dental implants
  • Forum where you can discuss dental implants and the opportunity to ask an expert

About the information on this page

On this page you will find facts and information about tooth replacement. All information provided here is examined by Marlene Regnander Ostergren, a registered dentist at Thea Dental Health.

The purpose of the content of this page is to help those who are considering dental implants as a treatment option in their decision. The information should only be seen as a a general guide and can not replace a visit to a specialist.

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