All about facelift surgery (face lift)

A facelift is a plastic surgery procedure which provides a general stretching of the skin and lifts underlying tissue in the face and neck.

The information on this page provides you with more understanding for what a facelift (face lifting) entails, the procedure and what results you can expect of a face lift. The content has been reviewed by Dr. Pelle Sahlin, a plastic surgery specialist and practising at Art Clinic.

The aim of the information about face lifting is to provide a foundation that can ease the decision for anyone who is considering a face lift. The material provides detailed information about facelift surgery but cannot replace a medical consultation with a surgeon.

Here you can find everything you need to know prior to a face lift surgery:

  • Information about how a facelift is performed and if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure
  • The different face lift methods and the risks involved with each
  • The time after your facelift and pricing for the procedure
  • Discussion forum and the possibility to ask an expert about face lifting
  • Directory of the clinics which perform facelifts and before and after images

How a facelift surgery alters your appearance

The foundation of the face is composed of the skeletal structure that together with the cartilage gives the face its basic shape. The remaining part is composed of mimetic muscles, connective tissue, membrane (facia) and fatty tissue which give the face its fullness, elasticity and structure.

When we get older the facial skin loses its youthful elasticity and slackens. The fatty tissue in the face is redistributed and the musculature that carries the facial tissue changes. These changes already begin in ones 30’s but are often most troublesome between the ages of 40-65. Many then perceive themselves as looking substantially older and more tired than they feel and choose to deal with this through facelifting.

The most common signs of age resulting from the previous changes are deep wrinkles around the nose and mouth, the skin becomes loose and sagging, the pronounced jaw line is erased while the cheeks roundness sinks and fat stores are created around the neck and chin. One also experiences the entire face becoming more wrinkled, the lips thinner and the distance between the mouth and nose becomes longer. All in all the face looses many of those qualities which are associated with youthful beauty and vitality.

A facelift surgery can in many cases turn back the previous age influencers and, depending on the method of procedure, provide the face with a healthier shape to continue to age in. The result is achieved by surgically stretching the skin so it is tighter around the faces underlying contours while simultaneously loosening, lifting, stretching and removing underlying tissue where this is needed.

Face lift alternatives

There are several other treatments which can minimise wrinkles of the skin. You can read more about them in the information page about wrinkles » . These treatments do however have a limited effect and are primarily used to treat individual problem areas. For more general, considerable wrinkle formation and looseness a facelift is the treatment which provides the most obvious results.

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