Your guide to gum contouring

This page is an information guide to gum contouring. Here you will find guidance and information about gum reshaping that will help you understand its possibilities and limitations.

All you need to know about gum contouring surgery:

  • If you are a suitable candidate for gum contouring surgery and the methods available
  • How treatment of uneven gums is performed and what results you can expect
  • A clinic directory of clinics that perform gum sculpting procedures
  • Forum where you can discuss the gum contouring and the opportunity ask a specialist
  • Cost of gum-reshaping and before and after images of gum contouring

About the information on this page

This page provides information about gum contouring and is examined by Elisabeth Bjorkman, a licensed dentist who has an extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry, at MinMun denal clinic in Stockholm

The content on this page should be seen as a general guidance to gum sculpting and cannot replace a visit or consultation.

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