Introduction to gum reshaping

Introduction to gum reshapingGum contouring also known as gum reshaping or crown lengthening, is a dental treatment, which shortens, smoothens or levels the teeth to create a more beautiful smile and in some cases even a better oral health.

The two most common problems that are treated with gum contouring is gingival recession, also known as receding gums, and excessive gum tissue also called “gummy smile”.

Dentists with special knowledge and experience in the field perform gum-reshaping surgery.

Who is suitable for gum contouring/gum reshaping?

The appearance of one’s gum depends on different factors such as hereditary, oral hygiene, lifestyle and possible gum diseases (often infection). The treatment is therefore influenced by the underlying cause of the gums appearance.

Provided that there is no gum disease and that you manage your oral hygiene correctly, a cosmetic gum contouring can be used for the following treatments:

  • Removal of excessive tissue (visible gum tissue, a little tooth surface)
  • Restoration of receding gums (exposed neck of the tooth.)
  • Levelling uneven gum line

When is a cosmetic gum contouring not the right option?

Problems with the gums are sometimes symptoms of a periodontal disease, which is an inflammation or infection of the mouth. Periodontal disease exists in two forms: Gingivitis and periodontitis.

When is a cosmetic gum contouring not the right option?Gingvitis disease is when only the gum is affected, whereas periodontitis is a more serious form of disease, which also affects the teeth and dentine. Untreated Periodontitis can lead to serious tooth loss.

If there is a sign of parodontal disease, it must be treated before one can decide to undergo cosmetic crown lengthening.

Oral hygiene is important for the gums

How to take care of oral hygiene also affects the gums appearance. For instance, intensive tooth brushing often causes receded gums and exposed neck of tooth or plaque build up.

Since the gum not only plays an important role in our smile, but also for our health, it is important to see a dentist, if you experience changes in the gums condition.

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