All about lip enlargement (lip augmentation)

A lip enlargement is a plastic surgery procedure or alternatively a medical treatment which aims at altering the shape and size of the lips. An enlargement of the lips can be achieved with various methods, each with their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

On this page those of you  considering a lip enhancement can learn more about your alternatives. The information about lip augmentation is meant to help guide and assist your decision.

The content is reviewed by Dr. Pelle Sahlin, a specialist plastic surgeon active at Art Clinic, with vast experience of lip enlargements. This information is only meant to provide you will general guidance surrounding lip enhancements and should not be seen as a replacement for a medical consultation.

Here you will find out what you need to know about lip enlargements:

  • The various lip enlargement methods and if you are a suitable candidate
  • The lip augmentation procedure and the after cycle
  • The risks a lip enlargement involves and the cost of the procedure
  • Before and after Pictures of lip enhancement procedures and a discussion forum
  • Ask an expert about lip enlargement and see other users questions and answers
  • Clinic directory of the clinics that perform lip enlargements

The perfect lips

Full lips, where the upper lip is slightly slimmer than the bottom lip and a clear transition exists between the lips outer contour and the surrounding skin are perceived as sensual and aesthetically pleasing. If the upper lips distance from the nose is just enough to not fully cover the front teeth then the lips are close to the aesthetical ideal. It is either age conditions or congenital divergences from this ideal that most patients wish to change with a lip enlargement

Are you a suitable candidate for a lip augmentation?

Suitable candidates for lip augmentation are women and men of all ages who are of good physical and mental health and with realistic expectations of what a lip enlargement can achieve. People with congenitally thin lips or women that have lost the fullness of the lips and developed wrinkles around the lips outer area due to age can expect particularly good results from the procedure.

The different lip enlargement methods

A patient’s aesthetic wishes can be achieved by performing a lip enlargement with one of three main methods. Each method has its own unique advantages and disadvantages and the choice of method is dependent on each patient’s unique prerequisites and expectations of the treatment. Below you will find a short summary of the three different treatment methods.

Lip enlargement with lip implants (own body or synthetic material) are used in order to achieve a lasting/permanent enlargement of the lips volume.

Lip enhancement with injections is the simplest method for enlarging the lips. The procedure is used to increase the lips volume and the results can be achieved by a so called tissue filler being injected into the lips with a thin needle. The method is uncomplicated, safe and cost-effective but the results are not permanent so the treatment needs to be repeated every seventh to twelfth month.

Surgical lip augmentation is often performed with the aim of treating age related changes to the lip like small wrinkles, thinning upper lip or blurred lip contours. Another condition which can be treated with a surgical approach is when the corners of one’s mouth have sunk and is then treated with a so called Oorner of Mouth Lift (COML).

This sections content about lip enlargements

The content on these page regarding lip enlargements is divided into a series of articles that each discuss different areas of the procedure. By reading through the whole section about lip augmentation you will achieve a good understanding of the procedures possibilities and limitations and thus have a solid understanding to base your decision on. Enjoy!

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