All about LPG Endermologie (Lipomassage)

LPG Endermologie also known as Lipomassage is a technique that is used to perform mechanical connective tissue massage. The technique was invented by a French man called Louis Paul Guitay, hence the name LPG.

LPG Endermologie is best known as an effective treatment against cellulite but is also used for other aesthetic purposes such as reducing localised fat deposits and tightening the skin. LPG is also used for therapeutic and medical purposes.

Deep connective tissue massage (the affect of LPG) has a well documented ability to stimulate cell activity in and under the skin. The LPG technique uses these mechanisms and offers effective treatments with documented results.

Stimulates the body’s own regeneration mechanisms

An LPG treatment aims to stimulate the body’s cells and by doing so make them react. For instance, this reaction can activate the production of the skins fundamentals – Collagen and Elastine – or the so called lipolys which breaks down body fat.

Many positive effects of Endermologie can be ascribed to two fundamental functions –increasing blood and lymph circulation – which facilitates for toxins and excess fluid to leave the body.

Information about the LPG Endermologie treatment

An LPG treatment is simple, takes approx. 1 hour to perform, entails no risks and does not hurt. It is however not a one off treatment. To obtain satisfactory results a series of 10-15 treatments twice a week is needed and thereafter monthly maintenance treatments.

What results can I expect from LPG Endermologie?

LPG Endermologie is used for different purposes. In aesthetical contexts it is primarily one of the following:

  • Smoothing cellulite areas using LGP Lipomassage
  • Reduce localised fat deposits with LPG Lipomassage
  • Tighten and renew the skin with LPG Endermolift
  • Improve the healing conditions following surgical liposuction

As previously mentioned deep connective tissue massage has well documented effects. The LPG Endemology technique is well tested in delivering this kind of massage and thus obtaining the results above.

One can count on could results in terms of treating cellulites. LPG Endermologie has also a very positive effect on the healing process following surgical liposuction where is minimises the risk of unevenness.

The result of an LPG Endermologie treatment depends greatly on the patient’s prior condition as well as the number of treatments that are performed. However, LPG cannot replace traditional liposuction in terms of fat reduction or a face lift for tightening the skin.

Patients that are not over weight, who have a healthy lifestyle and are willing to undergo a series of treatments can expect the best results from Endermologie.

The LGP Endermologie (Lipomassage) procedure

The actual LPG-treatment (Lipomassage) entails moving a nozzle back and forth over the area that needs to be treated. The nozzle creates a vacuum that sucks the skin between two vibrating metal rolls.

During the procedure, which takes 30-40 minutes, one either sits or lies on a gurney wearing a tight, thin full body suit.

Following the LPG treatment it is possible to return to normal activities straight away. The results are not immediate but will gradually appear.

LPG Endermologie Cost

Since Endermologie treatments consist of a number of sessions the price for LPG should be seen as a whole. A standard treatment should consist of 15 procedures and thereafter once a month as a maintenance phase.

The price for an individual treatment session with Endermologie is approx. £80 and the price for a series of 15 treatments is about £1000.

In cases when LPG is used with the aim of improving the healing process following surgical procedures at least 6 sessions should be used. The price is then about £400.

Lipomassage – additional information and options

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