Penis enlargement techniques and options

The interest in penile enlargements has throughout the ages made one try different methods and substances to obtain penile lengthening or widening.

This information page is about surgical penile enlargements but in order to provide a context we will also touch on some of the common non-scientifical methods.

Non-surgical methods for penis enlargement

Today several methods for penis enlargements without plastic surgery are marketed and these are often presented with what appears to be serious advertisements backed up by scientific research. But if you look closely you will soon realise that all the statements about safety and effectivity lack knowledgeable substance.

This is because no reliable scientific research exists which has found an effective method to enlarge the penis other than invasive plastic surgery.

Due to the lack of scientific reports and articles the marketers are forced to present these methods of penile enhancement with untrustworthy references to ”specialists” and ”happy customers” and as well as so called before/after photos.

The most common non-surgical methods for penis enlargements are:

  • Manual stretching or massage – these exercises are to be performed for 30 minutes/day for an unspecified amount of days. Even if this is safer than many other methods it can lead to the formation of internal scar tissue, pain and deformities.
  • Stretching with weight or tug load – this method implies weights or a pulling device is attached to the penis for lengthy periods and can lead to permanent damage to the penis and its functions.
  • Vacuum pumps – since vacuum pumps suck blood into the penis and makes it swell they are useful for treating impotence. These can create the illusion of a larger penis but the result it not permanent. Used frequently is can damage the corpus cavernosum penis resulting in a weakened erection.
  • Pills and creams – these pills and creams generally contain vitamins, minerals, herbs and in some cases hormones like testosterone. Even if testosterone is sometimes given to boys to quicken puberty there is no scientific evidence that this or any other substance can affect the size of the penis.

What these methods have in common is that no respectable scientific research exists that suggests they have any effect whatsoever. This even though vast amounts of research resources, over a lengthy period of time, have been invested into finding the ”holy grail” of effective products for penile enlargement.

Macrolane – a simple alternative for penile thickening surgery

a.) shows the fillers placement under the skin in profile and b.) in thickness

Recently a new development has risen providing an alternative to penis thickening surgery. This alternative implies injecting a so called, tissue filler (Macrolane) under the skin of the penis shaft.

A penis thickening with Macrolane is a simple procedure which neither involves narcosis or sick leave.

The result after a penis enlargement with Macrolane is however not permanent and disappears after approximately one year. You can read more about this type of treatment on the page about injection treatments ».

Surgical penis enlargement

With a surgical penile enlargement one can achieve both a lengthening and a thickening of the penis but it involves two separate procedures, although these can be performed during the same surgery.

The remainder of this series of articles is about surgical penis enlargement.

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