General information about cosmetic surgery

Aesthetic plastic surgery is a so called elective treatment which means the decision to undergo the procedure is completely in the patient’s own hands. Therefore, if you are considering undergoing plastic surgery it is important that you are well-informed, not only about your procedure but of cosmetic surgery in general.

This section (general information about cosmetic surgery) will provides you factual information within several general areas of cosmetic surgery, regardless of which procedure involved.

By taking your time to read through this information, you will have a better understanding of the possibilities of cosmetic surgery as well as the limitations, facilitating your final decision.

Information about cosmetic surgery

Here you will find general information about:

  • Cosmetic surgery costs and why cost differs between clinics
  • Loan and financing possibilities for your plastic surgery
  • The procedure and how you are to prepare for the consultation prior to cosmetic surgery
  • Restrictions and preparations for the prior to cosmetic surgery
  • What surgical results you can expect
  • The various methods of anaesthesia used with cosmetic surgery
  • The step-by-step process of plastic surgery procedures.
  • Which potential risks and complications you need to consider
  • Scarring and what you can do to minimise them
  • The time following cosmetic surgery and what to have in mind
  • Your rights as a patient if something goes wrong
  • The specialist society, The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS)

This information is intended as a guide for those who are considering to perorm cosmetic surgery. It should therefore only be seen as a complement and cannot replace a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

The content is divided into a series of articles. We recommend that you take your time to read through them all. You find the first link below. If you wish to jump to a specific article you will find it in the categories to the right. Enjoy!

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