Your guide to dental crowns

The teeth are made up of two parts, the root and the crown. The tooth crown is the visible part of a tooth. In the middle of a tooth, there is a core of blood vessels and nerves called pulp. A dental crown also known as porcelain crown is an artificial tooth cap, which is used to cover an existing tooth.

All about porcelain crowns (dental crowns)Dental crowns can be used on each tooth when more common methods of dental restoration such as fillings or dental veneers are not enough to repair the damage.

A porcelain crown covers most of the tooth and is like a tooth shaped cap. It is attached on the top of the damaged tooth once it has been filed down. If the pulp inside the tooth is also damaged, a root canal therapy is needed before putting a new dental crown in place.

If the tooth’s own crown is in poor condition, it may be considered as unsuitable to attach an artificial crown. In such cases, it is necessary to stabilise the new dental crown with pins, which will be attached to the roots

Teeth that are so damaged that a dental crown cannot save them must be pulled out and replaced by a bridge or tooth implant.

Having a dental crown inserted

Attaching a dental crown will require a minimum of two visits to the dentist.

Having a dental crown insertedDuring the first appointment the tooth/teeth that will receive the new dental crown are filed down, followed by an imprint and colour analysis. In most cases, the dentist will also attach a temporary dental crown until the next visit. At this point the preparatory treatment is finished.

The imprint of the tooth/teeth is sent to a dental laboratory, in order to prepare for the construction of the final crown. Dental crowns are made of either porcelain (porcelain crowns) or of metal (gold, titanium or stainless steel). Porcelain crowns often produce the most natural and beautiful result.

During the second appointment, the crown is tried on to fit and if it fits the dentist will cement the finished crown into place. Dental crown last at least for 15 years depending on the material.

The cost of dental crowns (porcelain crowns)

A dental crown costs somewhere between £300-£1000 in the UK. The price varies depending on the type of crown and whether the procedure is performed privately, or by NHS.

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