Removal of seborrhoeic keratosis (brown wart)

Seborrhoeic warts also known as brown warts is a common and harmless skin lesion that usually appears in middle aged people. The medical name of these skin lesions is seborrhoeic keratosis.

Brown warts often occur in large numbers and can grow anywhere on the body but mainly on the upper parts of the body of face. They vary in colour, usually from light brown to almost jet black. They are painless but can cause irritation or itching, especially if they are located on body parts where they rub against clothing or jewelry.

Seborrhoeic wart can cause concern about skin cancer and and it may feel much better to let a doctor examine them. These skin lesions are with their scab crust looking surface easy to diagnose and harmless since they are a non-canerous benign skin growth.

Removal of seborrhoeic keratosis is only performed for cosmetic reasons and and you will have to pay the costs yourself.

Brown warts can be removed with two methods

Brown warts are located superficially and can be removed with two different methods. They may grow back after removal so you may have to repeat the procedure.

  1. Scraping (curettage) is the most common treatment method where the brown wart is scraped off with a small sharp instrument. The procedure is carried out with or without local anesthetic. When treated with local anesthetic it may bleed a little more. After the treatment, a superficial scab will appear but heals within a few days.
  2. Freezing (cryosurgery) is a treatment where the warts get cooled down with liquid nitrogen which is as cold as -196 degrees. The first hours after treatment some redness and swelling may occur. After a freezing treatment, a remaining light spot occur on the treated area.

Price for removal of seborrhoeic warts

In some cases a consultation may be needed before removing seborrhoeic keratosis which usually costs about £50. In other cases diagnosis and treatment will occur at the same time.

Price for the treatment depends on what method is used and the amount of warts. A discount is usually given when removing larger numbers of warts. The estimated cost is:

  • Scraping of 1-5 seborrhoeic wart scosts about £100- 200
  • Freezing treatment of seborrhoeic warts 1-5 costs about £200

For more information and options for removal of seborrhoeic wart

This page has been examined by dermatologist Tore Nilsen at Vaxsjo Medical Center. The information should be viewed as a general guide to the treatment of brown warts/sebhorrhoeic wart and cannot replace a visit to the doctor.

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