Choosing breast implant size for breast enlargements

This page is dedicated to the much debated and important question about the choice of breast implant size when undergoing a breast enlargement.

To begin with the most common breast implant size in UK, based on the sales statistics from the two largest breast implant manufacturers Mentor and Allergan (previously Inamed), is between 300-450 ml/g.

The size used in each case is a highly personal and individual choice. The simplest way of assessing which size is right for you is to place breast implants in your bra and then put a top or t-shirt over.

Breast enlargement surgery (breast augmentation)

Correct breast implant size for natural results

For those interested in achieving a natural result the size of the breast implant is of great importance. Finding the correct size is not merely about assessing what bra size you will have after your surgery. The plastic surgeon needs to take into account your physique with special consideration to the width and appearance of your chest, the amount of existing breast tissue and your overall bodily symmetry.

Proportion and fit in proportion to the bodies shape should be the main priority if you are looking for a natural result. The skin pocket which your implants are to be placed can only take a certain amount of filling and a natural result depends greatly on the volume and shape of the existing tissue which it to cover the breast implant.

Issues with large breast implants during breast enlargement

With a breast implant that is large in proportion to the amount of existing tissue there is a risk that the breast implants edges with be visible or felt more. The risk of complications also increases.

Many cosmetic surgeons imply that excessively large breast implants, due to gravitational effects on the body, become sagging after some time. Among American plastic surgeons the saying “big breasts big problems” has occurred due to their experience of large breast implants.

Big breasts, big problems…

Other than naturalness, perkiness is also often a goal with breast enlargements and it is important to understand that larger breast implants often need to be placed lower than smaller ones in order to fit in the skin suit.

To achieve as natural a result as possible and with the above information most plastic surgeons recommend a normal sized woman with a normal amount of existing breast tissue to limit their breast enlargement to a maximum of two breast sizes.

Take care when choosing breast implant size

In order to assure you receive the correct size it is important that you thoroughly test your way before undergoing your breast enlargement. If you have very small breasts to begin with any small change will make a huge difference, but you will be surprised who quickly you get used to them.

Finally we advise you to listen to your surgeon but do not let him or her single handily decide what size you should choose. You are going to live with your breast implants and the final word is always yours.

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