Checklist for choosing a clinic and surgeon

The checklist on this page contains several points that each can be seen as positive indicators. However they are to be seen in their context and not each individually when choosing a clinic and surgeon to perform your procedure.

Difficulties when choosing a surgeon

Positive indicators

  1. The surgeon is a registered cosmetic surgery specialist (read more…)
  2. The surgeon is a member of The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) (read more…)
  3. The employed theatre nurses at the clinic have necessary specialist competence (read more…)
  4. The surgeon has not received warnings or cautions from the General Medical Council (GMC) (read more…)
  5. The same surgeon follows the patient throughout the entire surgical procedure (read more…)
  6. The clinic provides full information during the first consultation (read more…)
  7. The clinic offers computer simulated images as a basis for discussing results (read more…)
  8. The clinic provides reference photos from previous surgeries (read more…)
  9. The clinic supplies contact information to reference patients (read more…)
  10. The clinic holds insurance in accordance with council standards (read more…)
  11. After surgery the patient is provided with a jour number which is available around the clock (read more…)
  12. The clinic only uses tested treatment principles and materials with statistically low complication frequencies (read more…)

About warnings and cautions from the GMC

The General Medical Council (GMC) regulates doctors and ensures good medical practice. If a patient considers being wrongly treated he/she can report the attending surgeon to the GMC who will then be obliged to investigate the incident. In cases when the GMC find the doctor to have committed wrong doing, he/she can be issued a warning, removal from the register, restrictions and/or suspension.

Information about which doctors are subject to complaints, been cautioned or received warnings from the GMC are available by calling 0845 357 0022 (+44 161 923 6402 when calling from outside the UK) or by email to Just state the doctors’ name.

Note that most plastic surgeons that have been active for awhile will at some point be reported to the GMC. These complaints are however often due to unrealistic expectations followed by postoperative dissatisfaction. In some cases the complaints do however lead to investigations, sanctions and consequences in terms of warnings or a revoked license (very rare).

In cases when a surgeon has been issued a warning or a vast amount of complaints during a limited time frame there is increased discretion before a decision is made.

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